Michael Sloan



Custom Type Errors for Unordered Function Application

Better type errors via GHC's custom type errors. Read

Polymorphic Type-Directed Function Application

GHC plugin to choose a "best-match" parameter type. Read

Unordered Function Application In Haskell

Type system tricks to implement type-directed function application. Read


Polarizer Glasses for Outdoor Computing

I built some variable angle polarizer glasses based on camera optics! Read

Laptop Ceiling Suspension

Using adhesive hangers and adjustable tie-downs to suspend laptops. Read

Tree Based Computing

A portable and ergonomic way to use your computer in nature. Read

Deskless Ergonomic Work-From-Home Setups

A few different ideas for comfortably working from home, without a desk. Read


Supine Computing

Comfortable computer use while laying down, dealing with back pain. Hammocks! Read

Outdoor Computing with a Deck Desk

Experiments in outdoor computing, deck desking, and reclined computing. Read

Inspecting Haskell Instance Resolution

A sketch of how Haskell instance resolution errors could be improved. Read


Listening to podcasts along with music, on Android

A couple tips for listening to podcasts and music simultaneously. Read

Computing comfortably at 30,000 feet

How to use a laptop on an airline flight with decent ergonomics. Read

GHCinception: Running GHCi in GHCi

My patches were merged, allowing GHC to be loaded into GHCi and run! Read

A new website!

A brief introduction to my new site, and how it works. Read

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