Ergo update:
hammock under deck


I found a rather nice spot under the deck for my Dutchware Chameleon backpacking hammock:

photo of hammock under deck

You might notice that there are some hooks hanging down. These are for suspending my laptop screen above my head, for ergonomic supine computing! These hooks are adjustable tie-downs$, attached via adhesive hangers$. The nice thing about these adhesive hangers is that they can be removed without damaging the surface.

So, this is very similar to the approach of suspending from zip-ties / wire as described in the "Laptop Ceiling Suspension" post. However, this was relatively unstable because the front of the body ended up resting on the ridgeline. I discovered that putting the hooks through the zip ties and hooking to the ridgeline added some nice stabilization:

photo of hammock with laptop suspended above

I realize it might be hard to visualize how this works. Perhaps I will post some pictures of this hammock setup in use at some point. For now, here's a picture from the "Tree based Computing" post:

Using a computer ergonomically in a hammock, via external split keyboard and computer suspended above head


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