Ergo update:
standing desk + treadmill


Quite a lot has changed in the last few months. I'd have preferred to do more incremental updates, but instead will just batch the progress all into one big update.

Old walking treadmill broke -> new treadmill acquired!

My cheap GoPlus Treadmill$ broke after only a bit more than a hundred miles, so I bought a used IMovr ThermoTread GT$ on Craigslist, with about 300 miles on it and in pristine condition. Since it's in such good condition and the summer has been hot here in Colorado, so far it has lived indoors. I've been loving it so far1, a much less constrained walking area and much smoother than the cheap treadmill.

New sit-stand desk and active sitting stool

My employer kindly purchased equipment for working from home. While I contemplated figuring out some weird ergonomic stuff to get, unfortunately most of the eccentric options I was interested in, like the Varier Gravity Balans or the Humanscale Float desk all fell outside the bounds of both budget and reasonableness. So, instead, I ended up with the following setup:

Treadmill desk

A variety of postures

This setup supports a variety of postures!

Walking / standing:

walking and standing at desk

Leaning / active sitting:

Leaning and sitting at desk

One very nice thing about the QOR360 chair is that there is an option to not have caster feet, and the base fits perfectly within the width of the treadmill belt, so I can put it directly on top. Similarly, the Focal Mogo Stool$ I use for leaning can be used right on top of the treadmill, so I never need to move the treadmill.

Drink suspension

You might have noticed something a little strange going on in this picture – there's a mug suspended on the right and a water bottle on the left! The idea is that if your drink is suspended by a rope, accidentally bumping it usually never spills it. It also frees up some desk space!

On the right, as usual for suspending lightweight things indoors, I am using adjustable tie-downs$ with adhesive hangers$. The adjustable part of the tie-down can then hook directly around the loop built into my combo coffee mug / french press$. It's made by GSI Outdoors, and so is intended for camping and such, but I use it almost every day. I like the convenience of just having one thing to clean, and the built in suspension loop is great for this purpose.

On the left, I am using a ChicoBag Bottle Sling$. I particularly got this because it fits 2 liter bottles, which I use for homemade seltzer water. It also nicely fits my 40oz Hydro Flask$.

Drinking from suspended water bottle / coffee mug

Desk cable organization

I put in a silly amount of time organizing the cables. Here's what it looked like before:

desk with messy cables

What a mess! Here are some pics after organizing:

desk with tidy cables

Granted, no longer having the speakers on the desk reduced the number of cables a bit. The "before" pictures were taken a few months ago, as it took me a while to get around to putting up this update.

And here are some pics of the underside, in case you were curious:

underside of desk, cables covered

underside of desk, cables exposed

Here's the stuff involved:


  1. I knew I would love the IMovr, since I also had one in my setup back in Washington (as featured in the image at the beginning of the "Outdoor Computing with a Deck Desk" post). I actually wanted to get a different brand of treadmill, perhaps one from LifeSpan, purely for the purpose of comparison. However, there weren't any good used options, so I went with the reliably good (though expensive!) option of the IMovr.↩︎

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