Listening to podcasts along with music,
on Android



Podcasts and audiobooks are a great way to get info. I particularly like them because I can simultaneously do things that don't require singular focus, such as driving, exercising, doing dishes, cooking, etc.

I also like listening to music during those activities, and in the past I was faced with a choice between the two. Why not both!?

On a computer, it's easy to listen to both simultaneously – just start both, and adjust volume levels. Typically I'm listening on an Android phone, though, which has some limitations:

How can we work around these limitations? The next section explains one possibility.


I listen to podcasts on Podcast Addict and music on Spotify. I haven't tried many other apps, but these are popular and work decently enough. Anyway, with those particular apps, here's how to listen to both:

Podcast Addict and Spotify settings


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