Ergo update:
suspending keyboard from ceiling


Today I was doing some standing computing (as described in the standing keyboard section of the deskless wfh post), when I realized I wanted to be able to take quick inversion breaks (handstands, headstands). Doing these inversions is impeded because I needed to detach my keyboard. Two solutions occurred to me:

  1. Use straps + buckle to allow for quick attachment / detachment.

  2. Also suspend the keyboard, so I can just walk up to it and start using it. Since the materials for this were readily at hand, I gave this option a shot! It took less than 5 minutes to set this up, which is a pretty great turnaround from idea to implementation.

Here's the initial implementation, using the same adjustable tie-downs$ and adhesive hangers$ described in the "Laptop Ceiling Suspension" post:

photo of indoor suspended kinesis advantage keyboard

Here are some closeups on how it's attached:

closeup of back of suspended kinesis advantage keyboard

closeup of front of suspended kinesis advantage keyboard

The same can be done suspending it from branches / even twigs, just using the adjustable tie-downs$:

photo of a kinesis advantage keyboard suspended from tree

Roughly what it looks like in use:

photo of me using a kinesis advantage keyboard suspended from tree

So far I'm liking this a lot! I think there are still some advantages over a stationary mount, because the keyboard still has some movement freedom – I can move side to side / turn a bit. This movement freedom is not quite as much as suspension from pants, but there is the notable benefit that I can immediately walk away from the computer without having a keyboard attached to me!


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