Ergonomics Log


This is a place for me to put miscellaneous updates about my computer setups, in reverse chronological order. You might also be interested in my instagram account for related pictures.

2020-05-25 – suspending keyboard from ceiling!

Today I was doing some standing computing (as described in the standing keyboard section of the deskless wfh post), when I realized I wanted to be able to take quick inversion breaks (handstands, headstands). Doing these inversions is impeded because I needed to detach my keyboard. Two solutions occurred to me:

  1. Use straps + buckle to allow for quick attachment / detachment.

  2. Also suspend the keyboard, so I can just walk up to it and start using it. Since the materials for this were readily at hand, I gave this option a shot! It took less than 5 minutes to set this up, which is a pretty great turnaround from idea to implementation.

Here's the initial implementation, using the same adjustable tie-downs and adhesive hooks described in the "Laptop Ceiling Suspension" post:

photo of indoor suspended kinesis advantage keyboard

Here are some closeups on how it's attached:

closeup of back of suspended kinesis advantage keyboard

closeup of front of suspended kinesis advantage keyboard

The same can be done suspending it from branches / even twigs, just using the adjustable tie-downs$:

photo of a kinesis advantage keyboard suspended from tree

Roughly what it looks like in use:

photo of me using a kinesis advantage keyboard suspended from tree

So far I'm liking this a lot! I think there are still some advantages over a stationary mount, because the keyboard still has some movement freedom – I can move side to side / turn a bit. This movement freedom is not quite as much as suspension from pants, but there is the notable benefit that I can immediately walk away from the computer without having a keyboard attached to me!

2020-05-16 – "Polarizer Glasses" post

Synopsis: I built some variable angle polarizer glasses based on camera optics!

2020-05-02 – "Laptop Ceiling Suspension" post

Synopsis: Using adhesive hangers and adjustable tie-downs to suspend laptops.

2020-04-25 – hammock under the deck!

I found a rather nice spot under the deck for my Dutchware Chameleon backpacking hammock:

photo of hammock under deck

You might notice that there are some hooks hanging down. These are for suspending my laptop screen above my head, for ergonomic supine computing! These hooks are adjustable tie-downs$, attached via adhesive hangers$. The nice thing about these adhesive hangers is that they can be removed without damaging the surface.

So, this is very similar to the approach of suspending from zip-ties / wire as described in the "Laptop Ceiling Suspension" post. However, this was relatively unstable because the front of the body ended up resting on the ridgeline. I discovered that putting the hooks through the zip ties and hooking to the ridgeline added some nice stabilization:

photo of hammock with laptop suspended above

I realize it might be hard to visualize how this works. Perhaps I will post some pictures of this hammock setup in use at some point. For now, here's a picture from the "Tree based Computing" post:

Using a computer ergonomically in a hammock, via external split keyboard and computer suspended above head

2020-03-25 – "Deskless Ergonomic Work-From-Home Setups" post

Synopsis: A few different ideas for comfortably working from home, without a desk.

2020-03-25 – "Tree Based Computing" post

Synopsis: A portable and ergonomic way to use your computer in nature.

2019-12-18 – "Supine Computing" post

Synopsis: Comfortable computer use while laying down, dealing with back pain. Hammocks!

2019-12-08 – "Outdoor Computing with a Deck Desk" post

Synopsis: Experiments in outdoor computing, deck desking, and reclined computing.

2018-10-01 – "Computing comfortably at 30,000 feet" post

Synopsis: How to use a laptop on an airline flight with decent ergonomics.